New Supplements for the Series WellAware Health

Six new supplements are now being launched into the wellaware health series - for optimal health



WellAware Health is our newest range of supplements. First out, rosehip capsules were launched for joints and mobility, as well as capsules with green tea and capsules with green tea and turmeric. Now we are launching six more new supplements to the series, to help you optimize your health. 

New products in the series are:
- Multivitamin - To ensure your intake of vitamins & minerals 
- Magnesium - For a good muscle function
- Iron - To boost your iron intake if necessary
- Omega-3 - For good heart health 
- Vitamin D3 - To ensure your intake of vitamin D3
- Zinc - For your skin, your hair and nails 

Now it has never been easier to get these nutrients and take advantage of their positive health benefits. You can find more information about each product here on the website during series and Health. 

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